You can order directly via email or on bandcamp

Every tape is £3 via email - any 4 available tapes for £10 (+ postage)
Simply let us know which tapes you want, and supply an address
Paypal quote will be sent directly to you
Shipping confirmation will be sent once payment is processed

CLR01 - Brightness 'S/T' (sold out)
CLR02 - Brightness 'Flatliner/A Holy Rivet' (sold out)
CLR03 - Trembling Flare 'Populist' (sold out)
CLR04 - Lesser Dwellings 'Wax Model Graveyard' (sold out)
CLR05 - Wim Dehaen 'Pardubicean.wav' (sold out)
CLR06 - Erik von Daniken 'Remember Crespi' (sold out)
CLR07 - Straytone 'Brute-Force Melodies' (sold out)
CLR08 - AJB 'Relics of YX' (sold out)
CLR09 - Youth Championships 'A Long Day of Exorcism' (sold out)
CLR10 - Delicate Features 'More Than Roses' (sold out)
CLR11 - Storch Interior Extracts 'Remote Assistance Failure' (sold out)
CLR12 - ubik mcdxcii 'Echoes of a Dead Planet' (available)
CLR13 - Sleepland 'Tidal Motion' (available)
CLR14 - Storch Interior Extracts 'Navigator Salon'  (available)
CLR15 - Cyparissus 'Losing' (available)
CLR16 - duenn 'endlesstape' (available)
CLR17 - Fahmi Mursyid 'Sejarah' (available)

Distro - Sense Data 'Ultra Force Vol. 1' (sold out)

1 - 2 tapes
Postage in Czech Republic - £1.50
 Postage to EU - £3
Postage to USA/World - £4.50

3 - 4
Postage in Czech Republic - £2.50
Postage to EU - £4
Postage to USA/World - £6

Orders for 4+ tapes will be sent postage quote

(We encourage all customers to order straight through us, rather than through bandcamp where all prices are more expensive due to rates.)

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